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Stock up for your best year yet with kits of Arlon's SLX™ Cast Wrap and DPF 6100XLP. You'll be ahead of the curve with the best performing cast vehicle wrap products.

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Buy SLX Cast Wrap or DPF 6100XLP and a matching overlaminate. Find a Distributor to make your purchase.

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Buy more kits to increase your rebate. For your purchase of 2, 5, or 10 kits, the rebate amount increases! Mix and match kits of SLX Cast Wrap and DPF 6100XLP.


Each 10 Kits = $1000 Rebate
Each 5 Kits = $450 Rebate
Each 2 Kits = $175 Rebate

You can also stack your purchases. Combine 2 out of 3 unique tiers for a higher rebate payout. One submission with up to two orders will be accepted. Each order must reflect a purchase of either 2, 5, or 10 kits. For example, one submission can include multiple invoices reflecting two orders - one order of 10 kits and a second order of 5 kits receives a $1450 rebate ($1000 for 10 kits + $450 for 5 kits = $1450 for 15 kits). Make the most of it!

Eligible Products

Best Seller

SLX Cast Wrap
+FLITE Technology™

With an easy release liner maintaining the integrity of your graphics, this film will allow you to get more wraps out the door with less manpower.

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Eligible Overlaminates:
Series 3210, Series 3220, Series 3270, Series 3310

Customer Favorite

+X-Scape Technology™

This is a shop favorite for its excellent opacity and easy installation thanks to its bubble releasing, clean removing pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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Eligible Overlaminates:
Series 3270, Series 3200, Series 3210, Series 3220, Series 3310

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